Starting a blog is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but couldn't quite take the time.  I have a ton of excuses like, "I just don't have enough time.", or "No one wants to read what I have to say."  In the end, I'm going to start this blog for me.  Whether or not anyone else reads it is fine, it's something that's been tugging at me for years and it's time for me to do something about it.  

I've had this "photography" website for a few years and have done a fair amount of portrait photography for friends and acquaintances, but it's not my full time gig and it's not the only thing I'm into these days.  And I'm paying good money for it so it needs to serve a purpose or it's got to go.  So I've decided to take my site in a new direction and focus on me and my interests.  I think it will be fun and hopefully help me figure out what the heck I was put on this earth to do - because it sure as hell wasn't to sit in an over-air conditioned office.  And who knows, if someone does read this, maybe that will lead to more learning and more fun.  

My motivation for starting this blog now is that I finally have something to talk about and a focus for the next month.  Something that I feel I need to hold myself accountable for, and can think of no better way than to document my progress and discoveries here. 

For the last 10 years or so I've worked out regularly and eaten mostly healthy foods.  I don't mean to brag *flips hair* but I was pretty fit.  Lately though, I've fallen off the wagon a bit and have noticed not only in the way my body looks, but I'm tired all the time and my skin is breaking out like I'm 13 again.  To get back on track, I've set a goal for the next 30 days to work on forming those habits again.  I have 5 "resolutions" or things that I'm resolving to do/focus on each day for the next month in hopes of solidifying those healthy habits.  They are: 

  • Get more sleep

  • Exercise better

  • Eat healthy foods

  • Drink Less

  • Take walks during the day (at least 10,000 steps worth)

I even made a calendar with these resolutions to put on the refrigerator and I get to give myself a "check" for meeting each resolution or an "x" when I don’t.  Hopefully this will help by forcing me to come to terms with my success or failure on a daily basis.  We'll see.